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About Green Gifts Company

Green Gifts are one-of-a-kind gifts created from up-cycled everyday items used with the intention of helping us preserve our Earth's resources.



DolliePots, named after the artist's Mother, Dollie, are made with old chipped or cracked plates which are sterilized and then cut into shapes and glued and grouted to the pot to create a themed designed. Initials, logos, beach scenes, animals and flowers, as well as any person's special dishes can be used to customize a DolliePot.


YarnBall Wreathes are made from discarded yarn and fabric. The base used might also be a discarded wreath base. Everything is cleaned and if possible, sterilized, and constructed to create the wreath. For the base of each yarn ball clean plastic grocery bags are tied together in a knot and wrapped with yarn. Different colors and textures of yarn are chosen to match the colors of the fabric on the base.  The yarn and fabric are sewn together to make each wreath a work of art.


GardenPlates and CandlePlates are made from used dishes, bowls, mugs, cups, vases, and candleholders that are sterilized and repaired then meticulously matched and bonded together for a new life.




A portion of the proceeds from all sales go to The Giving Tree,

a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering children to be leaders by showing charity and kindness toward others.


After recently retiring from teaching art for 35 years, I ended up starting a business called Green Gifts Company. I had saved materials leftover from projects I had taught. The materials were things like wallpaper books and fabric books which had swatches cut out and scraps of fabric not large enough to use for student projects. Also, yarn was donated for the weavings I taught my fourth graders how to make. I saved all leftovers and at the end of each school year, when most people would throw out the "trash," I took mine home and stored it all in my basement. When I retired in May of 2015 the first thing I did was go to clean out my basement. That was when I started to make yarn balls, not really knowing what I would do with them. One thing led to another and I became kind of obsessed with the colors and textures of the yarn and fabric. I wanted to make something that was art but could also be functional. I started going to yard sales and thrift stores and picking up scraps of fabric and yarn that I knew would eventually be thrown away. I threw everything I had and everything I bought into the washer. If it came out in good shape I would use it. If not, I would use it as the center of the yarn ball. At least it was clean! I also picked up some old wreaths which I took apart and used the wire base for the fabric. The colors of the fabrics and textures in the yarns had me sewing and "rolling" yarn balls non-stop once I got started. The wreaths took on personalities of their own so much so that I named each one. There are no 2 alike and I can say that, other than glue and thread, most of them are made from completely recycled materials.

That is how I got started. One thing led to another and I ended up making mosaic flower pots.  That seems to be the most requested item so far. Who knows what next year will bring!

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